Miracle Bar

Deep cleanse your skin with this acne eliminating natural charcoal soap. Detox your skin of impurities and excess oil.

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 The Joanna Vargas Miracle Bar is the black magic of the bar soap world. Its deep, coal-like color comes from just that—charcoal! Our Miracle Bar is an activated Charcoal Soap bar that rinses impurities and excess oil from the skin. Like we said—it’s magic.


 The benefits of the Joanna Vargas Miracle Bar go far beyond a simple facial cleanse. This active natural charcoal soap, rich in nutrients and natural ingredients, will introduce your skin to a whole new level of clean.

  • The detoxifying active natural charcoal soap acts as a magnet for bacteria, dirt, and excess oil
  • The Miracle Bar can be used on face and body
  • BabyFoam (SCI), a coconut fatty acid within the bar, works as a gentle foaming cleanser
  • Lemon and Sweet Orange oils give the Miracle Bar a fresh, citrusy scent that lasts throughout the day 


  • Active natural charcoal holds 1,000 times its weight in toxins, effectively detoxifying your face and body
  • Olive oil & Shea butter soothe and hydrate your skin to keep it moisturized during the detoxifying process
  • Bamboo powder boosts elasticity in the skin, maintaining the youthful bounce of your skin


 Clean, clear skin is just a shower away— no fairy godmother required. Simply work the soap into a lather during your next shower and spread it generously over your face and body. For best results, cleanse using the Miracle Bar both morning and night. Beautiful, clean skin can be yours with science and a little bit of magic.

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