What if we told you the best acne skin care could be found in charcoal? As unusual as that may be, natural charcoal soap has been known to clear and prevent acne breakouts. Because of this, charcoal soap has been making a name for itself as the best acne skin care. The absorptive properties found in natural charcoal soap gives new meaning to the title of “best acne skin care” by drawing out dead skin cells and bacteria that clog your pores. In addition to that, natural charcoal soap is safe and can be used on any and all skin types, making it a product truly deserving of being named the best acne skin care. It is a gentle cleansing alternative for people who suffer from dry skin, and works to control excess shine in oily to combination skin. If natural charcoal soap doesn’t seem like the best acne skin care option, there’s really no harm done on your skin by trying it!

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